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Are your monthly utility bills too much for your household budget? Do you wish your home was more energy efficient? If so, J & M Windows and Glass, Inc. can help. Across the board, new windows can lower your utility bills and let you pocket the money you lose every month due to energy inefficiency. In fact, there are some studies that show up to 40% of a home’s energy disappears through your doorways and your windows. New windows and glass, however, can not only help keep the bad weather out, but also help keep wanted energy inside where you need it. This is how our team at J & M Windows and Glass, Inc. can benefit you today. Call us today at 408-371-7255 for a free estimate and consultation.

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We are a trusted service provider and are known for premium customer service and quick turnaround times. Having served customers in the South Bay and beyond for 40 years , our quality craftsmanship has led to us becoming a premier San Jose window and glass supplier; a top choice of both builders and building owners.

Specializing in a variety of residential products and services, we carry a wide selection of brands, including:

Our window and glass professionals inspect all glass, door and shower materials received . This means that you don’t have to worry about getting sub-standard products.

Let us help you make your home more energy efficient by using our window and glass services. Call us today at 408-371-7255 for a free estimate and consultation.

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