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J&M Windows and Glass, Inc.’s Frameless Glass Shower Doors

J&M Windows and Glass, Inc. in San Jose, California, provides top-of-the-line glassworks for homeowners, like our glass shower doors and frameless glass shower doors. Our team is here to craft any and all glass fixtures your home needs. We install customized windows, skylights, mirrors, patio doors, glass shower doors, and much more. When you need new glasswork in your home, you can trust our team of expert craftsmen because we have been in the field for over forty years.

What Frame Finishes Are Currently in Style?

The frame finish is a pivotal choice when installing a glass shower door. Silver is a timeless choice. It always seems to be in style. However, in recent years, nickel and bronze have been increasingly popular finishes on shower glass door frames.

How Do Semi-Frameless & Frameless Glass Shower Doors Differ?

Frameless glass shower doors have little to no framing around the doors and panels. On the other hand, semi-frameless showers often have framing material around the opening of the shower but not around the door itself. Each model is different, but basically, frameless doors have less framing than semi-frameless ones. Although, both types may have some framing material.

Are Glass Shower Enclosures Leak-Proof?

The glass shower doors and glass shower panels provided by J&M Windows and Glass, Inc. are always leakproof. We use a silicone sealant to seal the base of the shower as well as each joint between two pieces of glass. Once installed, these joints will not leak, although we do recommend replacing seals routinely to prevent future leakage.

Do Glass Shower Doors Leak When the Shower Is Running?

No. When J&M Windows and Glass, Inc. performs glass shower door installations, we take the most precise measurements possible to ensure a tight fit. As an additional precaution, most glass shower doors include a plastic seal around the openings. This prevents any water from leaking out of the shower.

How Thick Should a Shower Door’s Glass Be?

The thickness of a glass shower door depends on the design and intended use. Framed shower doors can be as thin as 3/8 to 1/2 inches thick. On the other hand, frameless glass doors need to be slightly thicker because they lack the support of a frame. Frameless glass shower doors should be 1/2 inch or thicker.

Can Any Type of Glass Be Used for a Glass Shower?

Not really. J&M Windows and Glass, Inc. uses specially toughened and tempered glass for our glass shower doors. This type of glass is impact-resistant, making it much safer and less likely to break. However, we do have many different styles of glass to give you whatever appearance you would like.

What Sort of Shower Glass Door Should I Install?

You should get whatever type of glass shower door you like best, but there are some constraints. For instance, especially small bathrooms may be better suited with a fixed shower screen or sliding glass shower door because of the limited space. On the other hand, an inline single swing door fits perfectly in existing showers.

Why Do People Seem to Prefer Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

Frameless glass shower doors have many advantages over framed glass shower doors. J&M Windows and Glass, Inc.’s customers tend to prefer the sleek and minimalistic appearance of a frameless glass shower door. Also, when you wonder how to clean glass shower doors, frameless glass doors are the easiest to clean. Cleaning glass shower doors’ metal or chrome frames can be more difficult and time-consuming.

How Long Will My Glass Shower Door Installation Take?

Our team can install the average glass shower door in just a couple of hours or less once we have the correct measurements and design. We always strive to perform the fastest glass shower door installations in San Jose, California. Full glass shower enclosures take a little bit longer, but usually not longer than a day.

What Is the Typical Width of a Glass Shower Door?

The industry standard is approximately 26 inches wide for most glass shower doors. However, J&M Windows and Glass, Inc. specializes in customized glass shower doors. So, we can craft a frameless glass shower door of any size or shape you want. Some individuals require wider shower doors to accommodate a shower chair or other corrective devices.

How Are Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors So Sturdy?

We make sure that all frameless sliding glass shower doors are sturdy by picking appropriately thick glass and fixing it to sliders and hangers with careful craftsmanship. We have developed specialized techniques to ensure a sturdy shower door over our forty years of working with glass shower doors.

Get Your Free Estimate Glassdoor Estimate Today!

Now that you know all about the type of glass shower doors we can install for you. Don’t wait any longer to start designing your dream bathroom. We provide free estimates for all work. To get started call us or fill out our glass shower door contact form here.