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Quality Information about Andersen’s Near You

At J&M Windows and Glass Inc, our team only offers the best manufacturers and brands to our community in San Jose, CA. For comprehensive door, window, and glass services, there’s no better team to trust than our team at J&M Windows and Glass. For over 40 years, our family-owned and operated business has provided a wide range of services at reasonable prices. For affordable services, in addition to quality products and durable workmanship, our experts have you covered. We are proud to work with and provide Andersen Windows and Doors products for our customers. Contact our team with more questions or come to our showroom to see for yourself.


With so many quality brands of doors and windows, it can be hard to know which one will best fit your needs. At J&M Windows and Glass, Inc, our experts will help you find the brand that will provide you with everything you’re looking for. One of our top-selling brands, Andersen, provides many stylish and functional options for your home project. Many of our customers have questions about Andersen, so we’ve provided an easily accessible list of these questions and their detailed answers. Please call our experts if you have any further questions.

When you need replacement glass, either for your window, shower door, patio door, or mirror, our team at J&M Windows and Glass, Inc can help. With professional services and decades of experience, we can help quickly provide you with replacement glass. Contact our team or get a free estimate to start the process.

Our team not only provides you with the best products and brands in the area, but we provide you with quick and expert installation services for shower doors and mirrors.

Unfortunately, window glass manufacturers seal glass in the factory. This means that if a seal has broken, or if there is moisture inside a double-pane window, we cannot provide window and glass repair. Our experts at J&M Windows and Glass can provide you with all of the information, resources, and services needed to promptly provide you with window and glass replacement.

At this time, we do not replace or repair windshields.

Our team is proud to offer our customers glass-cutting services, such as mirrors, tabletops, and more. If you are seeking these services, we ask that you bring the exact measurements of the glass you’ll need to ensure we provide you with a perfect fit.

Annealed glass, sometimes referred to as “flat” glass is treated to prevent stress damage. It goes through a closely controlled process of cooling to make it more durable and stress resistant. This glass is clear, and can easily be customized to fit your needs, whether that be with cutting, drilling, polishing, or edging.

There is no specific time during the year that it is best to install window replacements. The best time is soon after it gets broken and worn down. Leaving broken windows for any period can reduce energy efficiency, raise energy bills and increase the risk of pests or unwanted guests in your home.

Our J&M Windows and Glass Inc team provides the best window and glass brands in the San Jose, CA area:



If you receive an order that is wrong in some way, please contact our team at J&M Windows and Glass, Inc. Our friendly staff will help you to get the correct item as soon as possible.

When you order Andersen windows or doors, our J&M team will provide you with detailed order information. Depending on the size of the order, the availability, and the delivery location, the delivery time will be vastly different. You can keep track of your delivery with the order information we provide you with. We will be with you every step of the way.

Designs with blinds between the glass are plentiful and diverse with Andersen products. They have become more and more common and sought after in the past years. Andersen offers both window and door designs between the glass. Some of the products with this design include:

  • A-series hinged patio door
  • A-series gliding patio door
  • 400 series French wood gliding patio door
  • E-series specialty shape windows

Yes, many Andersen products have been designed and tested to offer protection during hurricanes. While living so close to the coast is a blessing, it can also turn scary very quickly. With hurricanes and coastal winds, Andersen had to create doors and windows that resist these dangerous conditions.

Andersen does sell unfinished wood interior products as an option for homeowners to finish or not finish on their own. Whether you’re looking for Andersen window replacement parts or complete products, we can get you the unfinished products you need. For more information about each product, please check with our team. We can quickly check for the availability for you.

We provide many Andersen products including:

  • The Andersen Windows & Doors 200 Series
  • The Andersen Windows & Doors 400 Series


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Our team of experts will provide you with the information and resources you need to find the product that will best fit your home and best serve your family. If you have any further questions about Andersen Windows and Doors at J&M Windows and Glass, Inc, please call. Set up an appointment to come to check out our Andersen products in our showroom. Contact us for:


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