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In terms of home improvements, new windows are usually pretty low on the list; but in reality new windows can have as big of an impact on your home as any other addition or improvement. Not only can windows affect your home’s interior and exterior aesthetic, but they also play a major role in your home’s energy efficiency. If the time has come to repair one or two windows, take some extra time to consider whether you should invest in new replacement windows for your home. Here are some signs your home needs new windows, as well as a few words about the benefits of installing new replacement windows.

Your Home Feels Drafty

Older windows will allow a slight amount of air infiltration, but overtime the problem can get worse due to deterioration of the window frame or surrounding weather stripping. For example, wood window frames can become warped from exposure to moisture and create gaps where outside air can infiltrate your home. If your home feels drafty, consider replacement windows for added comfort and energy savings.

Your Energy Bill is Going Up

Speaking of energy savings, another sign that your home could benefit from new windows is if your energy bills are going up. Old or inefficient windows can make it harder to maintain a constant temperature inside your home, which means more time running your air conditioner in the summer or heater in the winter. The Department of Energy suggests that it might be more cost-effective in the long run to replace old or inefficient windows than to try to improve their energy efficiency with weather stripping alone.

Your Windows Look Old and Dated

Of course you should also consider replacement windows if your existing windows make your home look and feel outdated. If you’re remodeling or modernizing an older home, new windows can greatly improve the interior and exterior appearance of your home. You might also enjoy the added functionality of bay windows, casement windows, or other types of windows that do more than the old plain windows that were installed when your home was built decades ago.