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When you plan a new bathroom mirror installation, you will be able to create a beautiful and luxurious new addition to your bathroom space. As you are working with window companies serving San Jose, you may want to ask about your bathroom mirror installation options. A glass company specializing in custom installations will be able to help you create the beautiful new bathroom vanity mirrors of your dreams. After your bathroom mirror installation, you can keep your glass looking great with regular cleaning and maintenance. Read on for a look at how to prevent fog on your bathroom vanity mirrors.

Apply Car Wax
There are several common household items that can be used to prevent fog on a bathroom mirror. One of the most popular methods for preventing bathroom mirror fog is to apply a layer of car wax paste to the surface of the mirror. After you have rubbed the car wax paste on the mirror, you can buff the wax until it is completely transparent. The wax will repel water, creating a fog free surface for your bathroom.

Shaving Cream
If you are seeking a quick fix for your bathroom mirror fog problem, you may want to try the shaving cream method. Before you hop in your shower, you can wipe a small amount of shaving cream on the surface of your bathroom vanity mirror. Like the car wax, the shaving cream will work to help prevent fog from forming as you take a hot shower.

Toothpaste is another common bathroom item that can be used to help prevent fog. To use toothpaste as a fog repellant, you can apply a small amount of toothpaste to the surface of your mirror. Once you step out of the shower, you will be amazed at how clear and clean your mirror has remained. For more glass care and cleaning tips, be sure to contact a mirror and glass company in San Jose.

Preventing Fog on Your Bathroom Vanity Mirrors