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Residential mirrors serve a lot of important purposes inside your home. You use mirrors to check your reflection, add decorative flair, and even brighten and enlarge small rooms. Considering all the important glass mirrors you have in your home, and all the glass mirrors you’re bound to add in the future, it’s important that you learn how to properly clean mirrors. These tips will help your old mirrors look like new, and will extend the life of any new mirrors you purchase from a window and glass company in San Jose.

Use Distilled Water
For a truly streak-free finish, dilute your glass cleaner with distilled water. Unlike tap water, distilled water doesn’t have any of the minerals that can leave behind streaky deposits on your bathroom mirror. If you wish to save money on your glass cleaner so you can afford the distilled water bottles, a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water will work just fine.

Ditch the Paper Towels
They’re inside every bucket of glass-cleaning supplies, but they really shouldn’t be. Paper towels leave behind linty streaks and can actually scratch the mirror’s surface while drying. Instead of paper towels we recommend you use microfiber clothes for your cleaning and drying. Better yet, a handful of newspaper does an amazing job on glass.

Work in Sections
If you are cleaning a large mirror, such as a mirrored closet door, we recommend you work in sections to avoid streaks and water spots. Working this way allows you to dry the mirror with your clean microfiber cloths (remember, no more paper towels) in sections to prevent air drying. A note about spray cleaners: Never spray directly onto the mirror. Instead, apply the cleaner to the cloth you are using to wipe down the mirror. Spraying can cause puddling at the mirror’s edge, which can damage the frame and/or backing.

Cleaning glass mirror tips