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Your windows are among the most essential features of your home. When you are planning out your remodeling projects for the coming year, you may want to consider installing replacement windows. A residential window replacement can enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home, while also boosting your household energy efficiency. When you are shopping for new residential windows, it is a great idea to work with a company offering highly rated residential window replacement in San Jose. To help you get the most from your project with a window company, here is a look at some important window terms to be familiar with.

The term pane is used to describe the primary glass component of a window. As you are planning a window replacement project, you will need to decide how many panes will be included in each new window. In addition, you will also need to choose between single pane and double pane windows. Double pane windows will provide exceptional energy efficiency throughout every season of the year.

Casement Windows
As you are shopping for new windows, you may encounter a window style that is known as a casement window. Casement windows are defined by their side hinge construction. These windows open out from the side and swing on a hinge, much like a door. With their ease of operation and terrific insulation, casement windows are a great choice for many areas of your home.

Bay Windows
If you are seeking a replacement window that will serve as a stunning centerpiece to a room, you may want to check out your bay window options. These windows are constructed with several panes of glass, which project outwards from the flat surface of a wall. When you install a bay window, you can add additional natural light to space, while also making a room appear larger.

Some Important Window Terms by J & M Windows And Glass