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Things To Consider for Your New Shower Door in San Jose

If you’re tired of fighting with a flimsy shower curtain and want something easier, more beautiful, and more luxurious, consider installing a glass shower door. In addition to having a huge impact on your bathroom’s appearance, glass shower doors offer water-tight seals and better built-in privacy than even the best shower curtains on the market. Your San Jose shower door installation provider can give you all kinds of professional tips and advice to design the best glass enclosure for your shower. Some of the considerations you should take into account when designing a new shower door include:


Type of Shower Door
The first thing to consider when choosing a glass shower enclosure is the type of door. Sliding doors, also known as bypass doors, take up the least amount of space and consist of two or three glass panels that slide past each other on top and bottom tracks. For openings that are too small to accommodate a bypass door, pivot doors open outward from a single side. Round shower doors open inwards and are ideal for corner showers or small, stand-alone showers.

Framed or Frameless
The next thing to discuss with your San Jose shower door installer is whether you want your glass shower enclosure to be framed or frameless. Framed glass shower doors have aluminum or composite material framing the glass panel, while frameless doors (as the name suggests) are frameless. Frameless shower doors create a feeling of spaciousness, which may be a welcome feature in smaller bathrooms.

Shower Door Glass
Finally, you’ll need to decide which type of glass you’d like in your new shower door. Designs and effects like frosted, opaque, patterned, and textured glass can turn your new shower door into a large work of art. A glass and window provider in San Jose can discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best glass designs and effects for your new shower door.

Glass shower door in San Jose, CA