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Shower curtains are economical and practical, but they are usually not the most aesthetically pleasing option on the market. For the design-conscious homeowner, glass shower doors are the way to go. They come in many classic and evolving styles, from basic sliding shower doors to elegant frameless ones. Whether you are looking for a shower door upgrade or a new shower door installation in San Jose, contact a certified contractor for a consultation. You can also get more information on current industry trends and custom built options.

Frameless Shower Doors
Have you ever wanted your bathroom to look like the ones you’ve seen in modern design magazines, nice hotels, or haute spas? Consider installing custom shower doors that are frameless. Most doors are hinged on a thick, tempered, and static glass pane. Not only do frameless glass doors give your home contemporary flair and look like they are floating in space, but they also do away with distracting framework, which allows you to admire your shower’s beautiful tile work unfettered.

Clear or Opaque Glass
There are several glass options for your new shower door. If you are not the shy-type and want a sleeker look for your shower, opt for clear glass. Clear glass is stylish and is not visually impeding—thus letting your shower’s tile work or design be the focal point of your bathroom. If you require privacy, consider installing a glass shower door that is textured, colored, or frosted. Depending on your overall bathroom design, textured glass can add visual interest. Your local contractor who specializes in shower doors can guide your further on this year’s current trends.

Custom Designs
Every bathroom is configured differently. Prefabricated shower doors are convenient, but do not exude originality. Inspirational ideas that you come across in design magazines or showrooms are helpful, but ultimately, you should strive to install something that is unique to your home and lifestyle instead of trying to be a copycat. Want a statement piece? Have a specialist custom design you frameless French doors for your shower. Don’t have a lot of room to work with? Try to capitalize on corner space by installing a shower with a curved door.

Shower Door Glass Repairs in San Jose, CA