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Mirrors can be functional, decorative, or both. When using mirrors decoratively in your home, be mindful of the space you are dressing and your design aesthetic. For example, an ornately framed mirror may be an appropriately bold statement piece in a Neo-Classical living room, but it may stand out like a sore thumb in a country kitchen. Your local mirror and glass company in San Jose will be able to help you select and install the right mirror for whatever space you want to adorn.

Not only are mirrors wonderful accessories in homes, but they also give the illusion of more space. Before you embark on a bathroom mirror install, consider surrounding your vanity mirrors with interesting frames to make them look like works of art. Remember to be mindful of size. Large mirrored closet doors can make a room look twice its size; however, depending on your design, large mirrors may potentially overwhelm a room. Smaller mirrors, strategically placed, can reflect light into areas of your home that are normally dark. But really small mirrors may get lost among other decorations and furniture.

Decorative Interior Mirror in in San Jose, CA