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Your mirrors are caked with spots and grime, so you attempt to clean them. After a few wipes with a paper towel and a commercial cleaning product that advertises itself as “non-streak,” you realize you are left with more of a mess than before you started. Most people have encountered this very scenario— vanity mirrors full of unsightly streaks or full-length mirrors smudged and cloudy. It can be annoying, but there really is no need for despair. Luckily, there are several simple and effective household solutions available. However, if you ever feel overwhelmed, contact a window company serving San Jose for advice or a cleaning consultation.

Rethink Your Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning your mirrors or glass should not be a daunting task. Having the right cleaning supplies on hand can help you get the job done in a relatively easy manner. For example, the type of water that you use may be the issue. Municipal water from the tap usually contains a fair amount of salts and minerals, which can show up on glass or mirrored surfaces when dried. Try using distilled water, which is salt and mineral free, on your mirrored closet doors or even your bay windows. Moreover, considering trading your commercial cleaner for vinegar. Not only is vinegar cheaper to purchase, but also it is a highly versatile and effective cleaning product. To use it, dilute vinegar in a one-to-one ratio with distilled water.

Ditch The Paper Towels
Paper towels are truly a modern convenience. They absorb a decent amount of liquid, are readily available, and are disposable after use. Despite their usefulness, paper towels have many flaws. For one thing, they are rather lousy when it comes to fine-detail cleaning. As a fibrous product, paper towels can’t help but leave streaks and lint on mirrors, glass, or polished surfaces. If you want to ensure a streak- and lint-free finish, opt for microfiber cloths or newspaper. Granted, newspaper is a paper product, but it’s manufactured to be less fibrous than paper towels. Also, the chemicals in newsprint make for a great mirror cleaner. Be sure to wear gloves.

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