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If you are shopping for high-quality replacement windows, look no further than J&M Windows and Glass. We are a Diamond Certified window company near San Jose with more than 40 years of experience. To ensure that you get the right replacement windows for your home, read through these important factors before you begin the process of shopping for windows.

Replacement windows typically come in one of five different materials: aluminum, wood, clad wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Clad wood tends to be the most expensive material, as it combines the rich appearance of wood with energy-efficient performance and a low-maintenance design. Vinyl windows, by contrast, tend to be the least expensive, but they are very energy-efficient.

How much of the window do you need to replace in order to solve your existing window problems? Your window company can offer you a sash replacement, prime windows, or full window units. If your current window frames are rotting or you can see signs of water damage in the wall framing, fix the source of the leak and then pick out prime windows or a full window unit replacement. If the frames are holding up nicely, replacing the sash will be sufficient.

Double-pane glass is standard on most replacement windows these days because it provides excellent insulation. With that said, adding special features such as gas fill and low-E coatings will further increase the energy efficiency of replacement windows. Your window company can also apply glazing that improves noise reduction, security, privacy, safety, and even cleaning.

Choose a window company that does not have a high-pressure sales atmosphere. These places are known for misleading homeowners about the quality and energy efficiency of their windows. Your window company should offer you a free estimate, and should be able to either install your replacement windows or refer you to a reputable window installer. Ask your window company which windows, if any, are eligible for a tax credit.

Windows Replacement in San Jose, CA