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San Jose Limescale Shower Door Fixes

If you are looking for  new shower doors in San Jose, chances are it will eventually develop limescale buildup. Limescale is essentially a buildup of minerals that are left behind when the tap water evaporates off the surface of your new shower door. Fortunately, it’s safe and easy to remove limescale buildup by following the tips in this video.

To remove limescale from your new shower door, put gloves on and spray the glass with a lime remover. Wipe the glass with the soft side of a sponge. Every once in a while, dip the sponge into a bucket of water to clean it. Next, wipe the glass with a paper towel. Next, spray the glass with a glass cleaner and wipe it down with another paper towel. If the glass is scratched or outdated, call J&M Windows and Glass to inquire about a shower door replacement in San Jose.