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If you want to make some serious home improvements but don’t want to spend a fortune on a huge renovation or remodeling project, consider replacement windows. Replacement windows are designed to fit into the same structure that the old windows came out of while being incredibly more durable and energy efficient. When you work with a window company in San Jose you can be sure that you find the perfect replacement windows for your home. To help you get started, here are some tips for choosing replacement windows.


Consider R-Value and U-Factor
As you look for the best replacement windows , take into consideration the R-value and the U-factor associated with different window products. The R-value indicates how well a window insulates, while the U-factor measures how well the window does at keeping in heat. Look for high R-values and low U-factors to find the most energy-efficient replacement windows for your San Jose home.

Research Glass Choices
There are three common choices of glass. The first and most popular glass is called low-emissivity (low-e) glass. Low-e glass uses a special coating to provide a thermal barrier all year round. Heat-absorbing glass is another option that you should consider, especially in warm and sunny San Jose. The third common window glass is reflective glass, which offers the same solar energy deflection as heat-absorbing glass but uses a film to reflect the harmful UV rays.

Compare Window Frames
Depending on how old your windows are, you may need to replace the frames alongside the glass to get the best possible performance. Fiberglass frames boast extremely high R-values, but they are typically the most expensive. Wood frames also have great R-values but require high levels of maintenance. Aluminum, vinyl, and fibrex (a combination of wood and vinyl) are other options to discuss with your San Jose window installation company.