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FAQ’s About Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in San Jose

When your windows are ready for an upgrade, you may want to consider installing energy efficient replacement windows. By replacing your old windows with energy efficient replacement windows, you can boost the energy efficiency of your home, while also increasing its curb appeal. After your energy efficient window replacement, you will be amazed at how much you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills. A window company in San Jose can help you choose new home windows that are perfectly suited for your needs. To help you get ready for your window replacement, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about energy efficient windows.

How Does Insulated Glass Work?
Energy efficient windows are characterized by their energy efficient glass. Unlike older windows, which commonly contain a single pane of glass, energy efficient windows are equipped with at least two glass panes. Each pane of glass is insulated with a pocket of air. This air pocket prevents heat from being transferred between your home and the outdoors.

Are Gas-Filled Windows Different Than Regular Windows?
As you are shopping for energy efficient windows, you may have the option of purchasing gas-filled windows. These windows differ from conventional energy efficient windows because their glass panes are insulated with argon gas. Argon gas provides an additional level of insulation against heat transfer. If you are seeking windows with the best thermal value, gas-filled windows may be the perfect choice for your needs.

What Are U-values and R-values?
R-values and U-values are two terms that you may encounter as you are shopping for energy efficient windows. These terms are used to measure the level of insulation that a window has to offer. A high R-value indicates that a window is more efficient, whereas a low U-value indicates superior efficiency. Your window installation expert can help you choose the right new windows for your San Jose home.